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Team Monitoring Platform

US Women's National Team

Congrats to the USWNT on back to back World Cups!

The US Women's National team has been a long-time user of the Fit For 90 team monitoring platform. They are the first women's team in history to win back to back World Cups, using Fit For 90 to help them prepare for and win the 2019 World Cup in France & the 2015 World Cup in Canada.

Learn more about how Fit For 90 team monitoring can help your team win more games and keep your players on the field.

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Coaching Education

At Fit For 90 we are committed to educating coaches at all levels of the game. While the Fit For 90 team monitoring platform is used by teams across all sports our coaching education efforts are focused on soccer-specific online coaching education courses.


Win more games and keep your players on the field with periodization by Fit For 90 and Dr. John Cone.

Fit For 90 delivers the idea training session to increase team fitness while ensuring recovery and freshness for peak performance on match days. As a coach you can feel confident that all of the sports science and methodology is taken care of and focus on the technical and tactical aspects of training.

Dynamic warm-up: Fit For 90 warm-ups build upon the strengths of previous performance and injury prevention research to both better prepare the athlete for the immediate demands of the session, and develop long-term athleticism. Dr. John Cone will prescribe an intensive or extensive warm-up based on the rest of the session.

Speed, Agility, & Quickness: The Fit For 90 movement development program is a comprehensive approach to athletic development with over 60 distinct drills. The goal is to simultaneously create a more dynamic training environment for the players, prepare them for the demands of the session, and develop athleticism.

Sprints: Two types of sprint loading, focusing on different aspects of fitness are prescribed relative to the training sessions and periodization. Speed development focuses on increasing qualities of the neuromuscular system to increase sprinting and maximal acceleration speed.

Technical & Tactical: All technical, tactical, and possession work is categorized as intensive or extensive and then periodized specific to the needs of the players based on your specific schedule.

Training Games: Small-sided to full sized games are periodized specific to your team’s schedule, fitness level, and age. This ensures a balanced approach towards maximizing fitness and preventing injury with game sizes cycled throughout the course of the season. You'll get the exact sets, reps, durations, and work to rest ratios within the Fit For 90 periodization software.

Cool-down: Three types of cool downs are prescribed specific to the type of training stimulus, and load placed on the players.

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Performance & Recovery Application

Get Fit For 90 preparative training to help you get the most out of your game. Spend less than 10 minutes per day using Fit For 90 to maximize your performance and increase your injury resilience.

Reduce your risk for injury: Over 70% of injuries are overuse or non-contact. Increase your injury resiliency using Fit For 90.

Maximize your performance: You'll get the optimal preparative training workout each day based on your schedule, readiness, soreness, and how hard you trained. Achieve peak performance with Fit For 90.

Recover and stay fresh for game day: Fit For 90 will help you feel your best on game day by showing you simple, effective recovery techniques and habits based on your data.

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