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Team Monitoring Platform

US Women's National Team

Congrats to the USWNT on back to back World Cups!

The US Women's National team has been a long-time user of the Fit For 90 team monitoring platform. They are the first women's team in history to win back to back World Cups, using Fit For 90 to help them prepare for and win the 2019 World Cup in France & the 2015 World Cup in Canada.

Learn more about how Fit For 90 team monitoring can help your team win more games and keep your players on the field.

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Coaching Education

At Fit For 90 we are committed to educating coaches at all levels of the game. While the Fit For 90 team monitoring platform is used by teams across all sports our coaching education efforts are focused on soccer-specific online coaching education courses.

Performance & Recovery Application

Get Fit For 90 preparative training to help you get the most out of your game. Spend less than 10 minutes per day using Fit For 90 to maximize your performance and increase your injury resilience.

Reduce your risk for injury: Over 70% of injuries are overuse or non-contact. Increase your injury resiliency using Fit For 90.

Maximize your performance: You'll get the optimal preparative training workout each day based on your schedule, readiness, soreness, and how hard you trained. Achieve peak performance with Fit For 90.

Recover and stay fresh for game day: Fit For 90 will help you feel your best on game day by showing you simple, effective recovery techniques and habits based on your data.

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