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“I've recommended Fit for 90 to any coach that not only wants to train hard but wants to train efficiently."

- Bobby Muus: Wake Forest Men's Soccer, Head Coach

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Adjust your training plan based on player readiness

Proactive Data: Coaches get real-time access to player data with Fit For 90 so they know how their players are doing at all times. Coaches now have a way to know when players are under-recovered and more susceptible to injury. Know the status of your players before each training session and match day.

Reduce the risk of Injury: Fit For 90’s proprietary readiness score algorithm analyzes players across multiple dimensions and accurately predicts players at higher risk of injury.

Maximize Performance: Coaches get actionable data to help them maximize performance. Easily adjust the training load for the day based on player readiness to train.

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Prevent overuse injuries by tracking muscle soreness

Acute Soreness: Fit For 90 quantifies cumulative daily soreness across multiple muscles and shows overall player soreness from low to critical importance.

Prevent Overuse Injuries: Overuse patterns can be solved through awareness. The player monitoring platform tracks soreness across muscle groups over time and helps coaches, athletic trainers, S&Cs, & other staff address potential issues before they lead to an injury. 

Corrective Exercises: Coaches and players can get specific corrective flexibility exercises based on current and historical muscle soreness. Get in touch to learn more about the Fit For 90 individual recovery application and how your team can benefit.

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Determine the training load for each session

Quantify all training loads: Track the cumulative load placed on players both during team training and other activities away from the team. 

Highly Correlated with Heart Rate Data: The Fit For 90 sRPE measurement of training load is correlated with heart rate at ~90% plus. For a fraction of the cost of purchasing heart rate monitor devices you'll get data that is easier to understand and highly correlated with heart rate.  

Target training loads: Coaches can better understand how close the session was to hitting the mark and make adjustments over time to achieve the optimal training load to maximize performance.

Injury & Illness Reporting

Player health and safety: Players report an injury or illness through the Fit For 90 interface directly to their coach/staff who is immediately alerted via email. Enhance the communication of your coaches, athletic trainers, S&Cs, staff & players.

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