Periodization & Team Training

Maximize your teams performance through the periodization of all aspects of training. Deliver the ideal physical training load to achieve peak performance on match days.

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“With Fit For 90, I feel like we have a full-time sports scientist on staff.”
          – Dave Dengerink, Texas Rush Director of Coaching

“Once again we were injury free for the third year in a row using Fit For 90. Since we started with Fit For 90 our record is 53-3-2 with a final four appearance and we have been ranked in the top ten every I am a big fan."
          – Joe Russo, TCNJ Women's Soccer, Head Coach

Detailed Training Plan & Periodization

All components of each training session are periodized from the warm-up to the cool-down.

Fit For 90 delivers the entire session structure that is ideal to increase team fitness while ensuring recovery and freshness for peak performance on match days. As a coach you can feel confident that all of the sports science and methodology is taken care of and focus on the technical and tactical aspects of training.

Dynamic warm-up: Fit For 90 warm-ups build upon the strengths of previous performance and injury prevention research to both better prepare the athlete for the immediate demands of the session, and develop long-term athleticism.

Speed, Agility, & Quickness: The Fit For 90 movement development program is a comprehensive approach to athletic development with over 60 distinct drills. The goal is to simultaneously create a more dynamic training environment for the players that also builds session preparation, and develops athleticism.

Sprints: Two types of sprint loading, focusing on different aspects of fitness are prescribed relative to the training sessions and periodization. Speed development focuses on increasing qualities of the neuromuscular system to increase sprinting and maximal acceleration speed.

Technical & Tactical: All technical, tactical, and possession work is categorized as intensive or extensive and then periodized specific to the needs of the players. Read more about how to integrate a club-specific curriculum.

Training Games: Small-sided to full sized games are periodized specific to your team’s schedule, fitness level, and age. This ensures a balanced approach towards maximizing fitness and preventing injury with game sizes cycled throughout the course of the season.

Cool-down: Three types of cooling down are prescribed specific to the type of training stimulus, and load placed on the players.

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Benefits of Using the Periodized Team Training Platform

Maximize Performance:

A positive response to training is ultimately the result of delivering the right training stimulus at the right time. The effective cycling or periodization of training stimuli with recovery ensures increases in performance and athleticism. Achieve peak performance on match days.

Reduce Injuries:

The best way to manage player injury is to periodize all elements of training. Fit For 90 delivers the optimal training load and progression based on the age, season duration, training schedule, & match schedule.

Increase Player Development:

With all aspects of team fitness taken care of coaches can focus on player development. Speed of play is a core aspect of our training platform with coaches focusing on the style of play that best suits their team or club goals.

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