Meet the Fit For 90 Team

Dr. John Cone is the founder and CEO of Fit For 90. He has experience both playing and coaching at the college and professional level. John has extensive experience as a sports scientist, coach, and educator that gives him the unique ability to bridge the worlds of science and sport. John holds his USSF A license, is a certified strength and conditioning coach (CSCS), and the only American holder of the esteemed FA Fitness Trainers’ Award (2004). Dr. Cone has over 100 seasons experience as a soccer-specific periodization and sports science expert.

John has an excellent team at Fit For 90 working to deliver cutting edge sports technology. Mike Gell is the co-founder of Fit For 90 and played soccer at UNC from 1999-2002 winning the 2001 National Championship. We also have a team of amazing developers that help to deliver the worlds best software to maximize performance in sport.