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Teams & Clubs using Fit For 90

Teams at all levels are using Fit For 90 to monitor their players. Join thousands of players already using Fit For 90 with their teams.

  • USWNT & US Youth National Teams
  • MLS teams & all NWSL teams
  • College teams & youth clubs across the country

Recover & Maximize Performance

Fit For 90 recommends the optimal recovery plan to get you fresh and ready to perform. The application delivers individualized workouts based on your readiness, how hard you trained, and your game schedule. In just a few minutes a day players will be able to manage their own recovery to help reduce injuries and increase their performance.

Technology Backed by Sports Science

At Fit For 90 we have helped teams drastically reduce non-contact and overuse injuries applying our research driven methodology. The application gets smarter over time as we collect more data specific to you. 

Track Your Activities

Quantify training loads & prevent overtraining: Track your cumulative load during team training and other activities. 

Manage Fatigue: Know the impact your training has on your performance. Better manage training loads for peak performance on game days.  

Multiple Sports: The Recovery & Injury Prevention application is designed to be used for all sports. Playing multiple sports has benefits and risks and Fit For 90 is the key to managing your health and safety. 

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