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Spend 10 days with Dr. John Cone to level up as a coach. Each class is condensed down to the most important 10-15 minutes on each topic so you get the most out of your time. We'll help you develop the next generation of players. Reserve your seat

*Coaching education awareness month begins Dec 20th. If you're looking to win more games and keep your players on the field this course is for you. Learn how to optimize your players performance, development, & injury resistance. Most importantly we'll help you to put this into action when you step out onto the field.

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What we'll cover

We'll go in-depth on the following concepts

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  • How to get the overall training load of your sessions right
  • Get the 7 different training session types you need as a coach
  • Learn the 2-part system to deliver the ideal warm-up for your players
  • Train your players for the most explosive moments of the game w/ foundational movement development
  • Give your players an edge in goal scoring situations (soccer-specific maximal speed training)
  • Improve your players ability to perform repeated sprints
  • Take any technical/tactical exercise from social media and better replicate the game (aka improve the exercise)
  • Pre-Season: We'll give you a step by step guide with the max load and match minutes
  • Tournaments: It's absolutely critical that you learn how to taper into and then rebuild after your tournaments

What coaches and educators are saying about Dr. Cone

Dave Chesler
"From the youth to professional player John is able to link the game and science to help coaches at every level improve player performance and development."
Phil Wheddon
"John is one of the country's leading soccer-specific sports scientists. His experiences at the highest levels as a coach and a sports scientist make him an unparalleled resource for coaches."
Bobby Muuss
"The education myself and my staff have received by working with John has helped us better manage and develop our players, and has given me a much more detailed and comprehensive understanding of fitness in soccer."
Michael Milazzo
"Through John's work on the academy director course I have reached a new level of understanding of periodization. The knowledge I have gained has empowered me as a coach, and my players have benefited massively"



You don't just train to train. You train to get better!

Do you know how long it takes your players to recover and adapt from the game? How about a Fitness session, Threshold session or Maintenance session?


How hard can you train today?

We'll start by helping you get the training load of your sessions right. How can you plan the ideal training load for your players based on their age and your team's schedule. You'll learn about the 7 different training session types you need to use as a coach throughout your season.



John has spent years refining the warm-up. For the 1st time we’re sharing a 2-part system to help you run the ideal warm-up for your players:

1) Do you need a shorter, sharper intensive or a longer extensive warm-up? 
2) Set ups for the most common training objectives to get more out of your 1st exercise


Prepare your players for the most explosive moments of the game

Train your players to improve their speed, agility, & quickness. You'll learn how to incorporate what we call foundational movement development to improve your players athleticism and injury resistance.


Maximal speed

Give your players the edge in goal scoring situations. Straight sprinting is the most frequent action in goal scoring situations and we'll show you how to train for soccer-specific maximal speed. You'll get age-specific distances, work to rest ratios, sets and reps.


Repeated Sprint Ability

Can your players perform repeated sprints in quick succession when the game calls for it? We’ll show you how to train for repeated sprint ability and take the guesswork out of it for you.


Technical & Tactical

We’ve all seen hundreds of exercises shared on social media, but how often do they include age-specific work and rest durations? You'll get a set of criteria you can use to improve your technical and tactical training exercises so they replicate the game environment.


Fitness: Game for Physical Development

Do you know how long to play 3v3 or 4v4 for your U14 team vs your U16s or at the college level?
Are your rest intervals correct during your 7v7 game or your 11v11 game?

You’ll get a simple, but powerful 4-step action plan to accelerate the demands of the game during training along with age-specific work, rest, reps, and sets for each game size to increase your players' fitness



What you do in pre-season can determine your team's success the rest of the season.

We’ll give you a step by step guide to plan out your pre-season including:
- Peak load and game size for each week during pre-season
- Maximum match minutes and progression for each exhibition



Our goal is to help your team perform both during the tournament & have time to adapt after the tournament to increase your team’s success the rest of the season.
It’s critical that you adjust as a coach. We'll teach you how to:
- Taper before the tournament
- Rebuild after the tournament

Meet your instructor

Dr. John Cone is the co-founder and CEO of Fit For 90. He has extensive experience as a sports scientist, coach, and educator that gives him the unique ability to bridge the worlds of science and sport. John holds his USSF A license, is a certified strength and conditioning coach (CSCS), and the only American holder of the esteemed FA Fitness Trainers’ Award (2004). 

John is a leading expert in soccer-specific sports science, player development, injury prevention and return to play from injury. He is the founder and CEO of Fit For 90 and has delivered over 200 seasons of periodization to pro, college and youth teams.

Beyond Fit For 90, John is the lead sports science educator for USSF where he has driven the integration of sports science since 2013. John is the former Director of Sports Science for the Portland Timbers and was previously Assistant Coach for Sporting KC. He has experience working at every level of the game, as both a coach and sports scientist. In addition to these prominent roles, John is a regular speaker and educator in managing return to play from injury at athletic training conferences, adjunct faculty researcher, and graduate school lecturer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create this course?

Our mission at Fit For 90 is to help you develop the next generation of players. We've spent countless hours condensing this course down to the 10 most important topics to help you level up as a coach.

How long is the course?

The level up course has 10 classes, each 10-15 minutes long. Each topic is focused on helping you put this into action so we have condensed the classes down to only the most important information to help you level up as a coach.

Can we ask Dr. Cone questions during the course?

Yes. This will be a huge benefit during the course. There will be Q&A session at the end of the live class where you can ask Dr. Cone questions directly. There will also be a Q&A forum to ask questions and interact with other coaches taking the course.

Can I take the course at my own pace?

Yes. You can view and re-visit each class at your own pace anytime.

What are the assignments like?

The challenges or assignments tend to be light. As we've talked about our goal is to deliver the most condensed course possible, so we don't want you spending too much time outside of the course working on these short challenges. The goal is to help you retain the information and give you a feedback loop so you can improve as a coach.

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