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About The Demo

Learn how you can maximize performance and reduce injuries with Fit For 90. 

What we'll cover in the demo:

  • How to prevent overuse and non-contact injuries
  • How to optimize player performance and increase team fitness
  • The importance of proactive monitoring technology

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About Fit For 90

Fit For 90 is used by teams at all levels including the US Women's National Team, Pro & College teams, as well as youth clubs and high schools. Prevent injuries and improve your team's performance with Fit For 90.

What People are saying about Fit For 90

Christian Lavers

Christian Lavers

Our FC Wisconsin Eclipse teams have had a significant decrease in injuries since using Fit For 90

Mateus Manoel

Mateus Manoel

At Sporting KC our 1st team and DA teams use @FitFor90 to monitor our players and prevent injuries.

Don Gemmell

Don Gemmell

@FitFor90 has been an invaluable resource to our Texas Rush Boys and Girls teams.