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Every coach wants to give their players the best opportunities to succeed. The Fit For 90 team monitoring platform focuses on player health and safety. Identify early signs of fatigue, stress, or under-recovery specific to each player to help keep them on the field.

Alerts: Coaches receive email and real time alerts when players are at higher risk of injury.

Player-specific recommendations: Simple and actionable recommendations are made based on each player’s current and historical data. The goal is to enhance player recovery from training or competition based on their specific needs to help prevent injuries.

Injury prevention results: Coaches using Fit For 90 with their players have consistently reported significantly decreased injuries.

Team Monitoring Platform

Periodization and Team Training


Maximize team performance through the periodization of all aspects of training. Deliver the ideal physical training load for peak performance on match days.


Pro & International:
Learn about the importance of team monitoring and how it is a better predictor of injury risk. Proactive data helps you know the player’s readiness and capacity before training when it matters the most.

Find out how Fit For 90 can pay for itself and will keep your best players on the field. Prevent injuries and save on secondary excess medical expenses across your entire athletic department.

Partner with Fit For 90 to make our team monitoring platform even more affordable for your club or high school. Find out more about Fit For 90’s content and education partnerships.

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Team Highlights

Duke Women’s Soccer reaches the NCAA final
Duke Women’s Soccer reaches the NCAA final
"You look at the players and they’re fresher than they have ever been. There are less injuries and they’ve enjoyed it."
Robbie Church,
Head Coach, Duke Women's Soccer
Wake Forest Men’s Soccer achieves # 1 ranking
Wake Forest Men’s Soccer achieves # 1 ranking
"As coaches, we use the information a lot because it comes from the players, and we can judge how hard we need to go each practice."
Bobby Muuss,
Head Coach, Wake Forest Men's Soccer
Youth clubs like FC Wisconsin Eclipse reduce injuries
Youth clubs like FC Wisconsin Eclipse reduce injuries
"Fit For 90 is an incredibly helpful tool to help coaches safely stretch the performance limits of players while reducing the risk of overtraining and injury, and to educate players on how to manage their training and competition schedules and loads."
Christian Lavers,
Director of Coaching, FC Wisconsin Eclipse
Chicago Red Stars build on playoff appearance
Chicago Red Stars build on playoff appearance
"Having worked with our customized periodization plan put together by Dr. John Cone, I can honestly say it has prompted us to rethink and adjust our approach to each session. We have no doubt benefited from partnering with Fit For 90."
Rory Dames,
Head Coach, Chicago Red Stars